In addition to my annual anthology of short and flash fiction, I occasionally releases omnibus collections, either to make out-of-print stories available, or in response to suggestions from readers.

The first three (Face Down in Wonderland, Long Way Home and Lifescapes) contain different selections from the out-of-print first five volumes of my Visions of the Future series, along with two new stories in each book. They are Amazon exclusive paperbacks, in both standard font and OpenDyslexic font editions.

The fourth omnibus, Daughter of Eons, arose because I became aware that the flash fiction format simply does not work for some people. It's a short story collection in the tradition of the classic science fiction and fantasy collections of the twentieth century. It contains the best of the short stories from the first five volumes of the Visions of the Future series, presented in fully revised, expanded and updated forms. It is available as a paperback, an OpenDyslexic font paperback or as ebooks for every device.

Three Hundred Tomorrows is the ebook omnibus that collects the majority of the stories from those first five volumes. It is available for all devices.

First to Fall, Memory Lane, Wyld by Nature, Continuity Failure, Station X7, The Breeze from Beyond and Pay the Piper arose from suggestions by readers for me to create themed collections from the first nine volumes of my annual Visions of the Future anthologies. They are available as a paperbacks, OpenDyslexic font paperbacks, or as ebooks for every device.

To obtain a copy of any of them, click here.

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