An acquaintance did this triple view for me in 2004. Thanks, Matt.

2002 - "Hey, I got me a Skyline GT-R! Won't need to tune it, it's a fine car as it is." (Famous last words.)

2003 - Respray, new front splitter & 18x10 wheels, basic performance modifications. Replaced ECU.  Lowered the suspension then raised it again to fit on the driveway. Never buy new splitters using only 2"x1" pictures as a guide. 320 bhp. 260 ft/lb.

I named it Brutal Truth as I found that I was learning all sorts of surprising things due to owning it.

2004 - featured in Japanese Performance magazine, issue 37.

2005-2006 - New front wings. Custom twin blade rear spoiler. Never buy custom bits from further than you can drive to complain. 'Stage one' performance modifications with proper boost control. 400 bhp. 330 ft/lb.

2007 -  Engine & transmission rebuilt, brakes replaced, custom engine management, front seats & suspension. Finally replaced the nasty orange front indicators. 510bhp. 480 ft/lb.

2008 - Gearbox refresh. It seems I could be a tad heavy-handed on upshifts.

2009 - New 19x9.5 wheels as a hit & run while the car was parked destroyed one of the irreplacable 18x10.  Final remap for this stage. 520 bhp. 500 ft/lb.
The full specification can be found after the text that follows the next pair of photos.


September 2009 - After seven years of travelling at speeds ranging from 'licence-loss' to 'jail time', all the while emptying my bank account and any other financial opportunities into the project, the money finally ran out. So my favourite obsession went to a new home. Sad but liberating.

October 2009 - What do you replace one of the finest Skyline GT-Rs in Europe with? You don't. Nothing could come close. So I'm prowling the roads in an eleven year old 4x4. A complete change, and one I am surprisingly happy with.

Will I come back to Skyline GT-R ownership? Only if I reach a position where I can afford to run a second vehicle. I love the R33 GT-R, but am convinced that one that meets it's potential is ludicrous for use as a main car. Because after having this one, the next one cannot be anything less. Which means it will have to be a bit of a monster.

All horsepower and torque figures were estimated at flywheel from hub based dyno mapping using a rounded plus forty for transmission losses.

(The end of this tale is after the spec list.)

I've had some mail regarding the fact I claim to have had one of the finest Skyline GT-R in Europe without putting up a list of what exactly was in it. So here is the full specification as at September 2009. All works were carried out by the absolutely excellent

Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R (Type 2) manufactured in April 1996. JDM non V-Spec vehicle retailed through Osaka Nissan Prince in May/June 1996. Imported to the UK in June 1997. Remained in original JDM spec without speedometer conversion until August 2002. Only the steering wheel & white dial sets were fitted in Japan.

Nismo RB26N1 bare engine:
[N1 water pump (improved flow & less cavitation)/Reinforced cylinder block head bolt boss/Increased sump capacity (6L 20w60)/1.2mm oil restrictor]
N1 head with 0.5mm overbore (2598cc)
Cryogenically hardened N1 crankshaft
Wossner forged & cryogenically hardened pistons
Abbey Motorsport reinforced & cryogenically hardened con-rods
ACL Race Series conrod & crankshaft bearings
Tomei sump baffle kit
Tomei high flow (larger drive gears) oil pump
HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket
Tomei Procam Spec 2 cam kit (270 degree inlet & outlet with 10.25mm lift)
HKS V-Cam System Step 1 Type B (variable 248-278 degree inlet; replaces Procam inlet camshaft)
HKS vernier cam pulleys
HKS kevlar reinforced timing belt
Trust metal intake & throttle gaskets
HKS front pipe & decat gaskets
GReddy Iridium 08 Racing sparkplugs
Mocal 19-row oil cooler & Abbey Motorsport remote oil filter assembly
Abbey Motorsport catch tank & washer reservoir with SFS breather hoses
Abbey Motorsport Pro Alloy large radiator
Tomei fuel pump, fuel regulator & 600cc injectors
A’PEXi Power Intake induction kit
A’PEXi GT Spec intercooler (237x610x136mm) & hard pipe kit
HKS GT-SS turbos
HKS twin AFM delete kit
Tomei turbo elbows
HKS downpipes
HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust
Abbey Motorsport 80mm decat pipe

Mine’s VX-ROM
HKS F-Con V Pro
HKS EVC 6 boost controller (1.6 bar)
AEM wideband lambda sensor
Splitfire DI Super Direct Ignition System
HKS Circle Earth kit
HKS GD Max twin-plate clutch (with lightened flywheel)
Abbey Motorsport rebuilt transfer box
Abbey Motorsport rebuilt gearbox with cryogenically hardened gear set, modified Nissan synchromesh
upgrade and OS Giken strengthening plate
Abbey Motorsport rebuilt rear diff
Nismo gearbox mounts
Nismo Solid Shift gear stick (10% short shift)
Omex Shift Light Sequential
Sunsei SE-135 solar panel trickle charger mounted on a custom aluminium riser between the
rear parcel shelf speaker enclosures.
Team Dynamics Equinox alloys 19x9.5, ET+15 in silver with polished stainless steel rim.
Falken FK452 265/30/19 Y-rated tyres
Cusco brake master cylinder brace
Cusco rear steering delete kit
Cusco front & rear upper suspension links
AST Sport Line 1 full suspension kit with UK spring setup
Nismo stainless steel braided brake hoses
StopTech 355mm rotor 4 pot caliper front brake kit
StopTech 355mm rotor 2 pot caliper rear brake kit with Abbey Motorsport modified pad retainers
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads front & rear
Bomex AD-390 front splitter
Nismo R34 smoked front indicators in custom aluminium mounting plates finished in crackle black
Nissan Xenon headlamp units
Border Racing Aero Fenders (vented front wings) with silver GT emblems from a R32 Skyline
Nismo smoked side repeaters
Top Mix one-off FRP twin blade rear spoiler on custom aluminium mounting plates
Entire exterior resprayed in BMW black (code 086) base and lacquer
Nissan Motorsport International carbon fibre B-pillar plates
PIAA carbon effect silicon wipers, front pair with spoilers, rear without
Nismo white face dial sets (dashboard & centre console) in carbon fibre panels
AEM AFR gauge mount replaces the lighter socket
HKS EVC display mounted on custom carbon fibre plate replacing the ashtray
Lighter socket relocated to the fog light switch panel

Nissan Momo steering wheel (with airbag)
Dressycar Nismo harness pads
Redline Automotive leather gearstick & handbrake gaiters
Abbey Motorsport carbon fibre door sill trims
Carbon fibre boot sill trim
Inlet plenum and sundry induction pipework finished in powder grey
Trust clear cam pulley cover
HKS Kansai Service carbon fibre spark plug cover
Right hand cam cover finished in crackle black
Nismo radiator & washer reservoir caps
HKS Kansai Service front strut brace finished in high gloss black
GReddy aluminium slam panel finished in crackle black
Tein bonnet dampers with black sleeves
Custom made one-off Cobra Misano Lux front seats:
[Alcantara (colour code 9189) outers/Alcantara (colour code 9182) centre panels/One-piece carbon fibre backs/Sidewinder bases on custom subframes adapted by Abbey Motorsport/Cobra logo in silver thread on the headpads/GT-R logo beneath the grommets on seat backs]

JVC KD-AVX2 multi-media DVD/CD receiver with built-in 3.5” widescreen monitor
2x JL Audio Evolution VR600-CXi 6” speakers (front)
2x JL Audio Evolution TR650-CXi 6.5” speakers (rear)

Multiple and interlaced Thatcham rated security systems.


2010 - The gent who bought Brutal Truth from me refurbished the bodywork (then committed a crime by fitting Rota alloy wheels). Track day racing without modifying the spec destroyed the brakes and then the engine. He fixed everything, enjoyed it for a few months, then sold it.

2011-2015 - Two more owners and three more engine rebuilds; no mods to the bodywork.

2016 - This new owner got rid of the Rota alloys and then went for broke: a complete refit including a custom built 3.2 litre engine with a single turbo setup, producing 920bhp.
It took two engine rebuilds just to get it into running order. Too brutal for road use, it had to be trailered to track days.

Modified Skyline GT-Rs are 'highly strung', to put it politely. Drive them hard and they will always detonate - longevity invariably determined by build and maintenance quality - causing varying degrees of catastrophic damage. Running nearly a thousand horsepower on a problematic build, this GT-R failed spectacularly during a track day, having spent more time in the workshop than on the road with this owner. He collected his insurance payout, then went and bought a Bentley coupe.

Brutal Truth

April 1996 - December 2016