"It’s not often that a vampire tale such as this transcends the background detritus of navel-gazing romance so prevalent in the genre, but A Place in The Dark, from author Julian M. Miles, packs a real punch and doesn’t hold back. If you’re sick of current vampire fiction and related spinoff novels, this is most definitely the book for you, as it really sets the genre to rights." - Renegade Revolution (for the full review, click here)

There are things out there you know nothing about, and would not believe even if you did. Luckily for you, most of these things are completely indifferent to your existence. That wouldn't stop them from tearing you apart in a heartbeat, were you to attract their attention.

Fortunately for humanity, they spend most of their time and energies inflicting atrocities upon each other. The threats from their own kind are far greater than those posed by their prey.

From before the dawn of civilisation to the dusk of today, they have coexisted with you. A hidden, dysfunctional society that clings to a degenerate feudalism - modern life through a predator’s eyes.

This is the tale of one nightwalker's dark journey amidst the patterns and intrigues that weave through centuries and countless lives.

Thanks to SimonJM for letting me use another piece of his fine artwork for the cover of the second edition. All rights to the original remain with him.


It is available as a paperback, or an OpenDyslexic font paperback, from Amazon.

The ebook is available for Kindle, for Mac or iOS from iTunes, and for all other devices from Smashwords.

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2012, 2015 Julian M. Miles