One night in future London town, where a theft goes awry and nobody is ready for what follows.

The eternal truth of any capitol city is that there are a lot of people not doing so well. These 'streets of gold' are tidal in places.

Body modifying went from labs to back streets a long time ago. Science was done with it. They'd moved on to creating sentient beings from other species.

Anywhere humanity shares home ground with animorphs, the descendants of those decades of genetic tinkering and enhancement science, there's always strong community. Within and about it, there's always brooding hatred. Throw in something that offers a once in a lifetime chance of attaining dreams, vengeance, or escaping the low-end? People will fight for that.

Through it all stalk those sent seeking. Some are good. Many are bad. A few are stranger than any would guess. All have secrets. Tonight is a night where secrets cannot hold and may not even save. By dawn, every participant will get some kind of reward.

Come join the hunt. Cyberpunk like you have never encountered before.

Both cover art variants from originals by SimonJM. The international edition is on the left, the limited edition is on the right.


It is available as a paperback or OpenDyslexic font paperback from Amazon.

The ebook is available for Kindle, for Mac or iOS from iTunes, and for all other devices from Smashwords.

The limited edition be available from me at conventions and book fairs, and you can check if I have any left by clicking here.

Copyright 2018 Julian M. Miles