I write, design, publish and distribute my own physical books, with quality maintained by a half-dozen proofreaders and a couple of ruthless editors. My printing is done by the excellent Inky Little Fingers using wholly recycled paper throughout, or via KDP for worldwide distribution via Amazon.

All of my eBooks are available for Kindle from Amazon stores worldwide, from Apple Books, and for all other devices from Smashwords.

My publishing imprint is Lizards of the Host Publishing. Most of my stories are currently in print in some form, although some early books have sold out or been superseded. Current titles are available as paperback editions through Amazon to save the horrendous costs of shipping books internationally (unfortunately I cannot guarantee that these editions are printed on wholly recycled paper). Please visit the Lizards of the Host Publishing site for details of online ordering.

There are OpenDyslexic font editions of my paperbacks available from Amazon. Click here to see the range, and find links to them on the main Amazon sites.

The fine people at Badger's Books in Worthing stock Winter Magic, and can source any of my non-Amazon editions within 48 hours, providing the one you want is still available. You can find them at 8-10 Gratwicke Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4BH, or call them on 01903 211816.

Libraries have my books too! Some of my books are available to borrow from West Sussex Libraries. Most currently reside at Worthing Library, but can be requested for loan by your local library. Click here to see which ones are available. Libraries in the USA that are part of the Amazon Extended Distribution Program can also get my books for you.

This tiny, tested and complete role-playing system is on the Gallant page.

This is also available for free as a two-page PDF via download from my deviantART gallery.
There is also a free OpenDyslexic edition in my deviantART gallery. Click here.

Or you can simply email me for a copy of either - or both.

My book cover gallery, showing all editions and variants.

My personal blog.

A little site for those on a pagan path.

I'm a Staff Writer for 365tomorrows, the web's premiere speculative flash fiction site.
They publish a new story every day - I do four new stories each month.

I've written a lot of tales and you can find links to a selection of them on my Flash Fiction page.

365tomorrows also hosts the Voices of Tomorrow podcast.
One of my tales has been featured:
Dial Up


Originally written for A&B, now on my blog.