The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers has haunted me since I first read it, over thirty years ago. I came across it because it was one of the things that inspired Lovecraft, but after reading it I found the inclusion of the King in Yellow in the Cthulhu Mythos to be unacceptable. For me, the pale king is far more than a mere avatar.

Thus my weird horror split into two distinct categories:

  • Carcosa Mythos (where the tie-in between the King in Yellow and the Cthulhu Mythos is ignored)
  • Old Cthulhu Mythos (without the 'good gods' aspect added by Derleth and others)

This anthology captures what the King in Yellow is, and brings, to me. It is a very personal work of weird and fantastical horror.

Tatters, the first story I wrote for this anthology - and the least disturbed - can be read by clicking the link in the table of contents below.

I am delighted to say that talented Mythos artist and sculptor Joe Broers has been kind enough to let me use his art for this book.

This collection is available as an Amazon trade format paperback, or an OpenDyslexic font paperback.

The ebook is available for Kindle, for Mac or iOS from iTunes, and for all other devices from Smashwords.

To order a copy in any format, click here, then scroll down that page.


See the Lights Shining
Cold Lavender
Bleeding Heart and Hourglass
Dreaming of Cailida
Black Country Prodigal
House of Sorrows
Thirteen of the Clock
Cressida’s Window
Operation Sign
Curtain Call
Vade Mecum
The Nets Within
Perfidious Counsel
A Decision of My Own
By Moonlight, All Things
Three Sheets
Heart’s Abyss
Storm Warning
Nothing Withstands
The Last King
Saffron (poem)

Copyright 2013 Julian M. Miles