I wanted to do something different for my twentieth book. After some consideration, I decided to take a concept I'd been toying with and make it happen.

The CG artist Simon Mitchener has done many of my covers, but over the last five years, he's also done several pieces of art inspired by my stories. Similarly, I've done several stories inspired by his art. Putting them together in a single volume appealed to me. Something new, something big - because to show off the art properly, A5 or trade format wasn't going to cut it.

Bowing to my preference for using straightforward sizing, I went for A4. It gives a special feel to the work, and presents the art superbly.

The result is a 60-page presentation-format book containing all of Simon's and my work to date that has a corresponding story or art. Several of my book covers are shown in their original formats, and over half of the stories herein are previously unpublished.

There are a few copies of this superb limited edition remaining. To order a copy, click here.

At some point in 2017, there will be a slightly smaller (Letter size) mass market edition available worldwide via Amazon. It will not include the picture and story 'Dis-Joint Custody', nor will it feature the B&W detail work and custom endpapers.