There are as many predictions of man’s future as there have been visionaries. From varying degrees of apocalypse through dystopian societies to utopias made or delivered.

Within this book you will find dozens of visions of where humanity could go and what they might get up to. Told from viewpoints ranging from the common man to the leaders of worlds and the inhabitants of others, this volume provides a kaleidoscope of possibilities for your consideration.

'Destinies' was my first volume of science fantasy flash and short fiction, and also the founding volume of my Visions of the Future anthology series, published in 2011. It includes work of mine that was featured on 365 Tomorrows and from my deviantART page.

Thanks to SimonJM for letting me use a piece of his original art for the cover. All rights to the original work remain with him.

This anthology is available as Lizards of the Host Publishing first edition paperback.

The ebook is available for Kindle, for Mac or iOS from iTunes, and for all other devices from Smashwords.

To order a copy in any format, click HERE, then scroll to the bottom of that page.


Introduction: Shapes of Things • Transit • 262 • Contact • Going SteadyBack to the Weapons • Pipeline • Cerberus • Future Past • Mercy
Hello World
• Delegate • WO:NCThe Nature of the BeastColossus • Coffee • Which Way is UpLittle FoxesOrbital Decay • Speeding •
Once Bitten
Riph • Catch • Tongues • Groundskeeper • One Vision • Treasure Hunt• Escapist • Goldrush • Pour Me • Reset • Genesis
Refuge • Everybody Needs • Silverback • WriteTerror Trade • Revelation • Chores • Phalanx • Broken • Adapt • Neighbours • Hair of the Dog •
The Oldest Game • Matches • Hacked Off • Goggle Box • A Warrior’s PathKnights • Snowman • Hostages • If You Go Down to the Woods* •
Omissions • Open Sesame • Stationary • Ee I Ee I Oh • Coil • New World Border • Streetlife • Service or Silence • Colony 91 • Dog of War •
Toymaster • Memoriam • Tools of the Trade • Cold Smoke & Warm Tentacles • Resistance • Homecoming • Skid • Sundown 

* 'If You Go Down to the Woods' is not included in the ebook edition due to a problem with a font that is unfortunately integral to the story.

Copyright 2011 Julian M. Miles