Here's to the brothers and companions
To the ladies and lovers and friends
To loving the journey not just the destination
And to the road that never ends.


I have been writing poetry for longer than I have been writing stories. This collection contains 97 poems selected from the first 30 years. All of the poems on this page are included.

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Of the Fey

See the domains of the faerie host
Scattered from mountain to wild coast
The head, the heart, the hand all there
Living the whim of the Lady fair

Favoured of Danaan, brightest of all
Only the Seelie answer our call
First born of Danaan, the intransigent will
The Unseelie are movement where all is still

In the twilight the revelling host can be seen
Spinning the light in gossamer green
Name their presence, invite the ball
In faerie pavilions the seven year call

Thanna Sidhe, the little ones, take delight in her lands
Eldren Sidhe, the fair folk, the clans of the hand
Garran Sidhe, the haughty, the clans of the head
Drua Sidhe, the shadow lords, the clans of dread
Rucala Sidhe, the passionate, the clans of the heart
The Tuatha de Danaan, a whole of five parts

So now you know the host you behold
Offer your hand, be humble, be bold
Let the bright folk’s regard illumine your life
Bring a little grace to your mundane strife.

Dark In Here, Isn’t It?

I am the dark that fills your room
All your fears shrouded in gloom
At night I chuckle as I wait for you
Nowhere to hide, nothing you can do

I parade your teddies in medieval hose
Raise the dust that tickles your nose
That three in the morning fatal disease?
It’s only my shadows trying to please

Oh I am the dark that happy wet thing
That dampens the pillows to which you cling
Don’t fear me my love, I’m only foolin’
It’s the thing under the bed that really is drooling

Nightly sweats and moonlit tears
It’s all entertainment to me my dear
What you fear I summon with delight
And they only hide when you turn on the light

So good night, sleep tight
And don’t forget
That I am the dark
And I’m not done with you yet…

The Ravens

The ravens on his shoulders watch and see
Everything that was ever meant to be
Sometimes the high halls witness such pain
He bids his ravens descend again
To settle by the struggling who realise not
That all is seen and nothing forgot

A raven’s eye is an eternal thing
Justice from every memory to bring
Just when a man seems to evade his debt
He has many lives left to pay it yet
Never doubt the shackles of time,
Longest bound for blackest crime.

My Father Said

He told me a man should never lie
And that a man abides by his word
He said that I should avoid selfishness
As it would make my behaviour absurd

His words taught me right from bad
And the subtleties between good and wrong
He made me think of the harm theft does
Showed me the confidence of being strong

Strong in action and strong of thought
Never overbearing with brute force
He warned of the insidious lure of greed
That takes a man down an evil course

He worked to teach me respect for all
The right of everything to be given space
To be a gentleman in word and deed
Ensuring that I had manners and grace

The day he told me the ways of women
He smiled as he said "Just remember this"
Because he knew it would be irrelevant
Until I received that first loving kiss

My father stood back as I grew tall
He softened his teachings in my teens
So when I hit rebellion and the world
His counsel worked through my dreams

He is the man I strive to live up to
Although my children he will never see
For the one problem I have with my father is
He ran before he ever met me

If my father had stayed to see my birth
He'd have had to be a different man
A greater man like the one I imagine
Who guides me to be better than I am.


My love she walks in fields of green
Soft hair blowing and face unseen
She walks in light with clouds behind
Known or unknown, promise enshrined.

I Am the Tiger

I am the tiger of your haunted night
The shadow that walks in the light
Let those who prey beware my wrath
For only sorrow lies upon that path
I shall stalk the places inbetween
Of death and life and things unseen
There is nothing that evades my eye
Not mote nor behemoth can deny
I am the avenger of your bitter plight
Teeth of truth and claws of moonlight.

2011 Julian M. Miles