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All of my titles and sites in print or online are listed on the Published Work page, or you
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My books are available as ebooks, in various formats, compatible with every device,
including PCs - there will be one that works on your preferred reader!

My paperbacks are printed in the UK using wholly recycled materials.
They all have heavyweight, laminated covers and are printed on high-quality stock.

I'm going to be at WynterCon in Eastbourne, 31st October to 2nd November 2014. I'll be in the Literature Zone on pitches F32-F34.

I'll have all of my books for sale, free copies of Gallant RPG and discounts on my ebooks for people who come and say hello.

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Recent specific updates (last minor updates occurred on 22nd September 2014)

* 2nd September - Agents of Fate is now available.
* 19th June - Updated the Gallant RPG page to the latest version of the system.
* 1st June - Major revisions; the biggest ones being the addition of the Work in Progress page and the arrival of the Stars of Black page.
* 13th May - Added purchase links to the The Borsen Incursion page.
* 24th April - Added links for the ebook of The Borsen Incursion and for my free ebook, Fantastic Visions, to the Published Work page.
* 25th February - Added the cover and final chapter list for The Borsen Incursion. Added the cover for Stars of Black to the HPL and RWC page.
* 24th January - Big update to the Flash Fiction page, with more stories linked from it as well as revised notes.
* 19th December - Your truly is this weeks featured writer in The Worthing Herald's local writers section, World of Words
* 10th December - Added links online paperback ordering to all book pages and the Published Work page. Added the Infinity anthology page. Added the mock-up cover art to the Agents of Fate page.
* 24th October - A Place in the Dark is now available as an ebook. The paperback will be published soon.
* 9th October - Come Tomorrow is now available for Apple devices directly from the iTunes store.
* 2nd October - Agents of Fate is complete bar proofing! The contents list on the page has been completed and hyperlinks updated.

Site Index
  • What have I published, where can you get it, and what else of mine is available? Published Work
  • What am I working on? Work in Progress
  • Fire in Mind, a short story anthology with details on how to order: Fire in Mind
  • Destinies, a flash and short fiction anthology with details on how to order and hyperlinks to all online content: Destinies
  • Tangents, a flash and short fiction anthology with details on how to order and hyperlinks to all online content: Tangents
  • Come Tomorrow, a flash and short fiction anthology with details on how to order and hyperlinks to all online content: Come Tomorrow
  • Agents of Fate, a flash and short fiction anthology withhyperlinks to all online content: Agents of Fate
  • Infinity, a flash and short fiction anthology with hyperlinks to all online content: Infinity
  • A Place in the Dark, a vampire horror novel, with details on how to order: Place in the Dark
  • The Borsen Incursion science fantasy novel, with hyperlinks to all online content: Borsen Incursion
  • Stars of Black, my King in Yellow inspired anthology: Stars of Black
  • Over a hundred stories in under one thousand words: Flash Fiction
  • Poems from the This Mortal Dance poetry book with details on how to order: Mortal Dance
  • When You No Longer Fear poem, hosted on behalf of Jozede: WYNLF
  • More poems: Other Poetry
  • Gallant, a complete role-playing system. Includes scenario creation & how to get a free PDF copy: Gallant RPG
  • The Winter Magic book and digital edition with details on how to order: Winter Magic
  • How to play Dara, a complex strategy game from Africa, including how to make your own Dara set: Dara
  • The felines that shared my home: Cats
  • The fastest car I've ever owned: Garage
  • Recommended websites: Links
  • A little introduction to me: Who Am I?

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